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Contemporary landscape photography's insights and observations reach far beyond the natural environment. A close examination of the land will often reveal more about ourselves — as individuals, communities, and society at large. This blog is a discussion the photographic palette, the land, and the stories within.

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world travel For over seven years, photographer Thomas Bachand has been photographing Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty, a book of fine art landscape photography emphasizing Tahoe's sublime beauty and its place as a nexus for many of the salient issues facing our time. Core to much of the Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty photography are the single, often fleeting moments, that communicate a permanent truth found in nature. Creating tension are images that depict society's transitional attitudes toward the environment. Finally, the work is drawn to the historical perspective — the bridge connecting our generation with the continuum spanning past and future. [more...]

Hardcover: 10-3/4 x 9-3/8 in; 176 pp ; 80 color photographs

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world travel In his first book, A Vagabond World, Thomas Bachand conveys the poignance, import, and changing dynamics of long-term travel by recounting a two-year solo circumnavigation of the globe. Whether negotiating for a battered car in New Zealand, meeting the Dalai Lama in India, or viewing America through the eyes of a frontiersman in the Grand Canyon, the around the world trip depicted in this book is a rite of passage that turns the outward experience inward so as to examine ourselves and our place in the world. Once we buy the ticket, all of our life is transformed. [more...]

Softcover: 6 x 9 in; 278 pp

Grand Ambitions

This feature aritcle describes a journey through the American southwest where an ambitious society inhabites a prehistoric landscape. Beneath a veneer of modern conveniences lies a harsh environment shaped by the forces of time. [more...]

Author's and Artist's Guide To The Book Contract

By explaining the publisher's agreement in lay person's terms, this comprehensive review of the book contract allows authors, writers, and artists to more fully understand the book publishing business. Both the publishing process and the economics of publishing are reviewed, including royalties and advances and how they are derived. The key sections of the typical book contract are thoroughly explained in plain English. [more...]

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