Commercial Photography > Editorial:
Contemporary public garden. Magazine publication photography.
Cafe. Urban review photography.
Pool and Palms. Internet travel destination story photographer.
Beach-Goers. Print travel publication photographer.
Santa Maria Beach. Family lifestyle photography.
Monterey Bay Aquarium. Family editorial publication photographer.
Oakland Bay Bridge.  City print editorial publication story photography
Rubber boots. Rural lifestyle photography.
Canoes. Vacation print editorial photography.
Tourist. Travel print editorial photography.
Shoe shine. City editorial publication story photographer
Black marble. Urban editorial Internet story photography
Night intersection in fog. Urban review print photographer.
Wetland and refinery. Internet editorial story photography.
Fountaingrove Golf and Athletic Club. St. Andrews Dr. Tubbs Fire aftermath. Santa Rosa, California.
Rebirth. Oakland Firestorm 1991. Editorial essay photographer.

Editorial Photography

Thomas Bachand's editorial photography for publication in print and on the Internet, covering architecture, design, travel, lifestyle, energy, and the environment.

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