Series > Eyes on the 99:
Police and media survelliance.
Television van and advertisement.
The Negotiator.
Television cameraman.
Press photographers.
Occup March. Oakland, California.
Black marble.
Freeway overpass.
Trapped office worker.
General Strike. Nov 2, 2011. Oakland, CA
Office panes.
Man at window of masonry building.
Grey-haired man and student protesters.
Businessman in solidarity.
After Tadich.
Face through the crowd.
Student with American flag.
The casual look.
Peace and justice folk singers.
Sister Anonymous.
White on black. Black on white.
Behind brass doors.
Bald man and brass doors.
The gray sweater.
Or the curse of Glenn Beck.
Security guard and tree.
Hotel Vacancy.
The red sweatshirt.
Angry Levi.
Black hourglass.
Hispanic workers in truck.
Black hourglass.
American salute.
Man with leather briefcase.
Man in golden light.
Tax The Rich.
Man watching General Strike. Oakland, Calfiornia.

Eyes on the 99

This photographic series, compiled over three years, examines the Occupy movement primarily through the faces of those observing the protests in San Francisco and Oakland.

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