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Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty

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Lake Tahoe Photography Book Thomas Bachand's photography of Lake Tahoe captures the allure and fragility of this beloved leisure destination. This monograph of fine art landscape photography has become the best selling contemporary book of photography on Lake Tahoe. With an introduction by preeminent Tahoe research scientist Dr. Charles Goldman, poem by former U.S. Poet Laureate and 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Hass, and historical content by literary icon Mark Twain and 19th Century photographer Carleton Watkins, this important work not only expresses the beauty of Lake Tahoe but examines it as a microcosm of the environmental challenges confronting our time.


• TAHOE: A Visual History. Nevada Museum of Art. Reno, Nevada. 2015-2016.
• California Landscapes. Arjan. Oakland, California. Ongoing.[map]
• Lake Tahoe: Selected Works. Spirit Gallery. Truckee, California. Ongoing.
• Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty. Vista Gallery. Tahoe Vista, California. 2013.
• Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty. Cunnngham Partridge Gallery. Oakland, California. 2008.

Table Of Contents:

10Forward: Not One, but Many
by Thomas Bachand
14Introduction: Five Decades of Envionmental and Social Change at Lake Tahoe
by Charles Remington Goldman
20Map of Lake Tahoe
22Plates 1 - 26
70Roughing It Chapter 22
by Mark Twain. Photography by Carleton Watkins
76Plates 7 - 52
118Roughing It Chapter 23
by Mark Twain. Photography by Carleton Watkins
124Plates 53 - 80
170Tahoe In August by Robert Hass
176Permissions and Credits

Tahoe References

My exploration and research on Lake Tahoe has led me to many interesting educational and scientific resources on Tahoe and its environs. For a list of articles and web links, click here to visit the Tahoe Resources page.

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