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Lake Tahoe: A Fragile Beauty


Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority

Photographer Thomas Bachand has a unique take on the Tahoe environment: His photos have a dreamy quality, often taken with long exposures to capture movement in nature... colorful yet subtle. Bachand's work reflects Tahoe's delicate balance...

Lake Tahoe, A Fragile Beauty' is a must for any Lake Tahoe enthusiast's bookshelf. Buy the book from Bachand's Web site and check out more of his amazing photography...

- Jessica Glasgow


"A must-have for anyone enchanted by Tahoe's beauty, engaged by its history, and concerned for its welfare..

- Jared Stern

Travel Smart Newsletter

In his well written Foreword, Bachand chronicles the Lake's discovery by John Fremont in 1844, and, in poetic prose, exposes some of the painstaking effort and visual contortions the author/photographer went through as he sought the perfect mood and layout to convey 'both the one-a spiritual landscape where light plays off water, sky, and earth - and the many- the waters of history, economy and ambition that indelibly shape this landscape.'

A scientist, Dr. Charles R. Goldman in his Introduction enumerates the perversions perpetrated on the Lake's pristine waters by the numbers of persons and industries to follow Fremont. He leads readers through a historic ecological labyrinth, and names the persons and organizations that have been involved in saving the Lake from its many encroaching corrosions.

The photos are batched in a series of indescribably awesome plates. Be prepared: each plate offers a vicarious exaltation that left me longing to linger.

Beautiful in its presentation, the book is a preservationist's resource of substance. Maps and tables show statistical data that can be used to demonstrate the impact people have had on the Lake over the years, making it a comprehensive reference. In all probability, as soon as you see "Tahoe" you'll find it hard to wait for wallow time, and when finished, you will want to leave it on your coffee table, if not to display your erudition, to entertain some special guest.

- John H.W. Rhein III


There is a obvious affinity with Ansel Adams that accents this work, though in a contemporary and minimal way, and of course with color (that sometimes plays as a monochromatic palette.) The subject matter is pastoral and classical in a sense, but seen through a sharp, modern lens. Beyond the lovely photographs is a direct connection with nature's mystery, and the responsibility we hold as "caretakers" of a most valuable resource. Mr. Bachand uses the understated to make a grand statement.

- Vincent Benedetto (New York City)

I've had this book not only on my shelf but nearby my reading chair at home. Since the mid-1960's I have been taking trips to Lake Tahoe. Firsthand I've seen it become more and more overrun by the foot fall of man and all that means. Mr. Bachands' book captures the essence of Lake Tahoe and demonstates its transitory nature. Rather than rest on my bookshelf with dozens of other picture books I find myself reaching for this volume time and time again. Sometimes to rest my eyes, other times to refresh my memories of the lake. It's a lovely book and I think, an important one. I look forward to Mr. Bachand's next effort, knowing it will be thoughtful, powerful and beautiful.

- Richard J. Kerrigan (Los Angeles, CA)

Barnes and Noble

Far and away the BEST publication ever created about this majestic Lake. Not just another beautiful book about Lake Tahoe, but a historically accurate and somewhat poignant view of the Lake yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Filled with photographic works of art. Bachand's loving concern for the future of this "fragile beauty" is not to be dismissed.

- (Alamo, CA)

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