Managed Landscapes – Selections Made

Buffalo on Road in Lamar Valley by Janet Pritchard

Buffalo on Road in Lamar Valley by Janet Pritchard. From the series Views from Wonderland

As the sole juror for the Managed Landscapes exhibit as Vermont Photo Space, I recently made my final selections and selected Janet Pritchard’s “Buffalo on Road in Lamar Valley” as the Juror’s Choice.  The exhibit is now open.

My juror statement:

The submissions were inspiring and insightful.  After careful consideration, I first selected those images that struck me on an emotional level, and then culled further based on technical execution and the photographer’s intent.  The strongest photographs spoke to the subject on many levels.  The Juror’s Choice, “Buffalo on Road in Lamar Valley”, took my breath away.  The power of this photograph lies as much with that which is unseen as seen.  The bison are unaware that the land has been “saved” and placed on display.  We look out from behind glass at a pristine landscape detached from its history.

Visit the Vermont Photo Space website to view the final sections online.