Lake Tahoe’s Impervious Surfaces

Off Season.  Homewood Ski Resort.  Lake Tahoe, California.

Off Season. Homewood Ski Resort. Lake Tahoe.

Here’s another highlight of the work going on at the Desert Research Institute.  Mary Cablk studies the connections between wildlife and the landscape.  One of her projects of particular note for Lake Tahoe, developed a method for calculating impervious cover areas using remote sensing.  This work is significant to Tahoe where impervious surfaces are an important contributing factor to the lake’s loss of clarity.  Mary’s work takes her further afield, as well, including studies on pine martens, lizards, tortoises, and coyotes.  In the desert near Joshua Tree National Monument, Mary is utilizing K9’s to locate and survey desert tortoises.

For more information on Mary’s work, visit her website.