Steve Jobs – Unleashing Creativity

I wanted to add my voice to those offering condolences to the Jobs’ family and the Apple community.

There is much being said about how Jobs developed many great products and improved the consumer experience.  Of more importance to me and many other creatives, though, has been the tools unleashed by Apple products and how they have allowed us to do what we do.  The Macintosh and OS X, along with software by such companies as Adobe, has completely transformed what I do and how I do it.  Every step of my workflow, from creating a photograph, to correcting, printing and distributing it, whether by print or web, has Steve Jobs’ fingerprints on it.

Multiply this by a couple billion and you begin to see the impact of Steve Jobs.

God’s speed, Steve.

The Author’s and Artist’s Guide To The Book Contract

My new white paper, “The Author’s and Artist’s Guide To The Book Contract: Demystifying the publisher’s agreement and the economics of book publishing” is now available for sale.

By demystifying the book publishing process, the economics of publishing (including royalties and advances and how they are derived), and the key sections of the typical book contract, I hope to empower authors and artists to be more successful.  This paper should help authors and artists to better understand the business of publishing; refine their book proposals to be more market-focused; conduct more substantive discussions with their agent, attorney, and editor; and enable effective and successful negotiations with publishers.

While this paper is not a substitute for legal advice, it will help you better understand it when you get it.

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