Featured in Toujours Magazine: Tahoe Blues

Toujour Magazine: Interiors. Lifestyle. Attainable Beauty.

Toujours Magazine: Interiors. Lifestyle. Attainable Beauty.

Kudos to Toujours Magazine on their Color Issue – just in time to lift our winter greys.  This one is a bit closer to my heart as it features Tahoe Blues, an 11-page spread of my Tahoe writing and photography (pages 84 – 95).  Check it out.  Insightful.  Interesting.  Inspiring.

Reissued: A Vagabond World

A Vagabond World: Essays From A Solo Journey Around The Globe

A Vagabond World: Essays From A Solo Journey Around The Globe

I am pleased to announce that my travel book, A Vagabond World, is now available as an e-book on both iTunes and Amazon (the book is also available in paperback).

Many years ago, I spent two years circumnavigating the globe primarily by sea, bus, and train. This around-the-world travel odyssey indelibly shaped the years to follow. As our world has become increasingly interdependent and Americans more aware of our connections to peoples the world over, the journey has taken on a greater significance.

A Vagabond World speaks to the universal themes surrounding travel and the personal transformations that greet one on the road each day. As an exploration of the poignance, import, and changing dynamic of the long-term travel experience, this solo journey around the globe is a rite of passage that turns the outward experience inward so as to examine ourselves and our place in the world. The journey becomes a guidepost to a greater world. Once we buy the ticket, all of our life is transformed.

The e-book contains 110 photographs. A web gallery is provided for the print edition.

For more information, visit:  http://www.thomasbachand.com/travel/ .